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Welcome to LinuxTechi – A popular and one of the leading Linux blogs in the internet that provides the Linux community with the all the latest happenings in the Linux World. Right from new distribution launches, how-to-guides, review articles, tips and tricks, a Linux User can get all he needs from LinuxTechi.

LinuxTechi is not another copycat website to copy articles from other blogs, as every piece of information provided in the website is thoroughly reviewed and tested. We never suggest you something without having tested by our team. And that is the reason, we were able to provide you unique and original content all the time.

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  • Stay up-to date with the latest Linux distributions and applications launched recently
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  • Linux, Virtualization and Cloud Interview Questions & Answers
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  • Keep yourself updated with the latest happening in the Linux community

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LinuxTechi is conceptualized and maintained by a technical team of Linux enthusiasts ably led by Pradeep Kumar, a hardcore Linux fan himself. LinuxTechi is proud to have a team of passionate Linux talents writing for us. Our aim is to serve the Linux Community in every possible way by sharing our knowledge and experience gained over the years by means products reviews, how-to guides and so on.

LinuxTechi.com was started on March 2014, it focused on both novice and professional users. We always strive hard to present you with content that is very easy-to-understand quickly. And still you have queries, just leave us a comment, we try our best to help you get over the issues ASAP.

A picture speaks for a thousand words and that is the reason you can find all our articles contain images with highlighted sections to make you understand the content easily and quickly.

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